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A Test of Private Cloud Storage

On the market today, there are many different private cloud storage models. Because every year, a lot of companies come out with new cloud storage. People who are interested have a lot to choose from. So, we have spent a lot of time going over the different private cloud storage options for you. Our leaderboards will help you find the right item. In our test of private cloud storage, we show you the best ones. See the guide below the table to learn more about important criteria.

The Main Points in Short

Cloud storage is online storage that you can get to through apps, websites, and user interfaces on your computer. They make it possible for files and apps to be shared between devices.
Depending on the type of cloud, it can be a private cloud, a public cloud, a hybrid cloud, or a multi-cloud. Hybrid and multi-cloud systems are made up of parts from more than one cloud.
You can rent cloud storage from a big company or set it up on your own. The cloud storages shown here are in the third group, which means they are private clouds that users can set up.

How to buy private cloud storage: What do you need to think about?

Kinds of clouds: If you decide to use cloud storage, you need to know what kind you want to use. Private clouds are safer because they have more firewalls, but they are only meant for a small number of users or a specific group of users. Users can use public clouds for less money because they don’t have to buy their own storage. This makes them cheaper, but less secure than their own cloud storage. You can use multi-clouds or hybrid clouds to use more than one cloud at the same time if you want to.

Price per space to store: When buying cloud storage, the price per gigabyte of storage space is the most important thing to look at. Whether you choose to subscribe to a provider or set up your own cloud storage, users who need a lot of storage space will like the model better if they can buy more storage space for less money. If you only need a small amount of storage space, it may not be worth it to buy your own cloud storage. When the needs cover a lot of GB or a higher level of security is needed, the investment is worth it.

How much storage space is available at most: Some cloud storage services can’t be upgraded forever. Both cloud providers and commercial cloud storage are made to hold a certain amount of data, so if you need a lot of space to store things, you should choose a model with enough upgrade options. Or, you can use more than one cloud storage at the same time.

Functionality: Not every cloud gives users the same options for setting up their accounts or getting apps. If you want to make a lot of programs available to a small group of people, the easiest way is to rent the hardware from a private cloud provider. On the other hand, you should expect that an extra IT worker will be needed to set up and maintain the cloud. Privately, you can also use clouds in many different ways, but if you want to set up all the functions yourself, it can take a long time.

Number of users: Depending on the cloud user interface and the cloud provider, the number of users is different. If you work with a large group of people and need a lot of cloud access accounts, choose a model or provider that can handle that many users. People who only use the cloud privately with a few friends or family members usually don’t have any problems with this, since clouds for private use usually only need a few user accounts.

Price per user: It’s easy to find different prices per registered user when you use cloud services. Most of the time, people who set up their own cloud don’t have to pay to register each user account. So, from a financial point of view, it can make sense for many users to buy their own cloud storage. Another option is to talk to a company that offers cloud services and puts together custom offers.
Processor: If you want to buy your own cloud storage, you should choose a device that has a powerful processor built in. This speeds up access and transmissions and also lets you use other features, like powerful streaming from the server.

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