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Backyard Makeover Ideas With Pools

Backyard Makeover Ideas With Pools – A pool in your backyard can be a great way to add a bit of luxury to your home.

You can even find unique pieces of pool furniture such as woven wicker, which is very cool and lets in some breeze.

For a more relaxing experience, choose an infinity-style pool. You can also create a large alfresco area for entertaining, where you can put a wooden table and plenty of chairs and an outdoor kitchen.

Landscape plants

One of the best ways to make a backyard look great is to add some vegetation. Choose plants that will tie the entire landscape together and will balance the area.

They should be easy to maintain and safe for kids. You can also plant some succulents around the pool if they tolerate some drought.

Adding plants around the pool will add color and texture to your backyard. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Consider planting flowering shrubs to create a living shower wall. These shrubs can also add romance to the setting.

Just be sure to prune them so they allow for some sunlight. Another great option for a backyard makeover idea with a pool is to plant a treehouse.

Whether you decide to add a slide, swing, or skateboard ramp, the right plants can make your pool area look amazing.

Using tropical plants and flowers around your pool will make your backyard feel like a tropical paradise.

Tropical plants will also add color to your pool area and can create focal points. You can also mix several different varieties of tropical plants and flowers in the yard to create the right look for your home.

You can create a colorful border and use these plants to accent the surrounding landscape. Make sure you mix colors and textures so they will blend well with the pool’s environment.

Infinity pool

For a luxurious backyard getaway, consider an infinity pool. These pools offer the sense of endlessness that people crave, and a wide selection of infinity pool designs are available.

Choose a shape that complements the existing landscaping and layout of your yard. Adding a sundeck or a tanning shelf will complete your oasis.

You can choose a variety of pool tiles, from modern travertine to rustic concrete.

A sunken pool lounge creates an interesting second dimension to a pool. Its lower level sits under the water’s surface, surrounded by blue tile that gives it an impression of deep waters.

A white lounge cushion sets off the blue tile beautifully. A garden sidewall that doubles as a planter provide privacy, making this space an excellent place for al fresco meals.

Or, if you’d prefer to enjoy the view of the sea from the poolside, build a deck surrounded by greenery to give you the feel of privacy.

To create a stunning infinity pool, start by selecting the right location. A hillside location overlooking the ocean is ideal.

In the West Vancouver area, a breathtaking view of the ocean and mountains will make your pool the focal point of your backyard.

An infinity pool can also be an incredible focal point for an upscale retreat. Its design will make you want to invite your friends over for a swim. Just be sure to invest in some pool floats to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Moroccan pool

A pool in a Moroccan style is a dream for many people. While some of them may already have a swimming pool, others want a holiday atmosphere in their backyard.

Fortunately, there are many holiday-inspired swimming pool makeover ideas on the market today. The first step in making a pool look holiday-worthy is selecting a theme.

One of the most popular themes is the Moroccan pool, which blends three elements to create a distinct look.

Choosing bright, bold colors can help create a vibrant environment. Colors to consider are pristine white, fashionable turquoise, and cool aqua.

Moroccan-style pool decor is not for everyone, however, so if you are considering a pool backyard makeover, consider a Mediterranean-style patio instead.

It will work well with the existing outdoor decor, including Moroccan lanterns. This type of lighting can create a magical atmosphere in any patio or backyard.

In addition to the Moroccan-style pool, you can install a pond to surround the pool. This pool makes a great place for family and friends to gather and enjoy the outdoors.

If your backyard is small, consider installing a Moroccan-style pond. The pond will provide shade for the pool, and it also adds to the feel of luxury.

Besides enhancing the aesthetics of your pool, a Moroccan-style pond will also provide you with a tranquil oasis for relaxing.

Low-maintenance plants

When you’re ready to makeover your pool landscape, think of some low-maintenance plants and shrubs.

These landscaping choices will enhance the look of your pool without the hassle of excessive care. For example, you can incorporate a river rock garden in your pool area to add height and interest.

For the best results, install your rocks in shallow squares. This way, you won’t have to worry about your plants getting scorched by the sun, which can be detrimental to your landscaping.

The next step in backyard makeover ideas with pool landscaping is figuring out the amount of maintenance required by each plant.

Choosing low-maintenance plants will make your landscaping work easier in the long run. Decide how much time you want to spend on your landscape’s maintenance and whether you’re going to enjoy raking leaves every day.

Decide what you can remove or replace. Trees that lose leaves frequently should be avoided. Choose low-maintenance plants such as shrubs and perennials.

Hibiscus plants are a popular option because they add vibrant floral color and add privacy to your pool area.

They grow in containers, which will make them easy to maintain. Hibiscus plants are low-maintenance and can even help with landscaping around your pool.

These low-maintenance plants are also great choices for garden containers, as they have a low-water requirement. You can choose from a variety of species to suit your backyard makeover ideas with a pool.

Creative layouts

A pool can make the most of your outdoor space. A simple, minimalist fence or a stone wall can keep your pool private.

If you’d like a separate Jacuzzi area, consider building a raised infinity pool over the pool. The raised infinity pool will overlook the cool landscape feature. The right amount of lighting will complete the look.

For a more sophisticated look, consider lighting the entire backyard with string patio lights.

Incorporating lush bushes and plants around the pool can soften the appearance of a hard surface. These plants can also provide shade for songbirds and a natural feel around the pool.

A pool in Arizona is the perfect place for entertaining and relaxing, so take advantage of the summer weather by adding flowers and plants to the pool area.

This will make your backyard look like an oasis. You’ll be pleased with the end result!

A pool can also serve as signage. In addition to being a conversation piece, the pool can also serve as a beautiful way to announce an event or congratulate an honoree.

Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding or simply want a new pool for your backyard, a swimming pool is a beautiful way to mark the occasion.

You’ll be surprised at how many people will be drawn to the venue of the celebration.

Space-saving techniques

One way to maximize the space in your yard without having to move the pool is to create separate areas for dining and relaxing.

A stock tank pool can be painted a bright color to give the space a modern look. The pool can also serve as a backdrop for a sunken conversation area with lounge chairs. Separating the areas will also help make the area feel bigger and more open.

One backyard makeover idea involves creating a separate area for a pool, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen.

If your backyard makeover ideas with the pool include adding a new kitchen, you could use the space under the pool as a conversation area.

Make sure the space is easy to clean and maintain by installing a pool house floor. Porcelain, ceramic, and concrete flooring are good choices for these floors.

To save space, you can install a covered towel cabana, with shelves above for drinks and beach accessories. A pool house with a roof can serve as an outdoor shower for guests.

Adding a built-in bench and towel hooks is another space-saving technique.

While a narrow lot may be an obstacle, you can still transform it into a functional space. Creative landscaping and space-saving techniques can fit more features in an odd-shaped backyard.

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The backyard makeover video at the right is a perfect example of how to use the space in an unconventional shape and maximize the space.

You can use the backyard to grow crops like lettuce and chard. The space will be more enjoyable and rewarding than ever to you and your guests.***

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