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Best Backyard Lighting Ideas

Best Backyard Lighting Ideas – Backyard lighting is an essential element of home security. This article will help you pick the right outdoor lighting for your property, season by season need.

There are many types of outdoor lighting, and each one is necessary for different times of the year. It’s always a good idea to have lighting fixtures available at all times, even in the evenings.

The best backyard lighting ideas can be used to create a secure and enjoyable space for everyone in your household. Check out these helpful tips for creating the perfect and most secure backyard lighting space this season:

Determine Your Backyard Lighting Needs

Before you purchase any outdoor lighting, you’ll first need to determine how much light you require. This will help you choose the appropriate type, style, and power for your yard. For the best results, ensure that the lights you choose are energy efficient and cannot flatter you with their appearance.

Backyard lighting should reflect the feel of your yard, while still providing enough light so that you can enjoy your space. Most importantly, make sure that the lights are weatherproof, so they won’t get in the way during extreme weather conditions.

Backyard Security Lights

If you’re looking for an emergency lighting solution, consider mounting security lights on a standard light pole. These types of lights are easy to set up and take very little space. If you have children or other nearby minors (or pets!), security lights are a great idea.

Mounted on a low-pitched light pole, they are highly visible and easily identifiable. If there’s an emergency and you need to get inside quickly, these lights will illuminate the yard. If you’re looking for general lighting, plain light bulbs are generally cheaper, lighter, and easier to install. This is also true for floodlight options, which are nice for accent lighting.

Floodlight and Emergency Lighting

If you’re experiencing flooding, storms, or power outages, floodlight options are a good idea. Floodlight fixtures are generally large and require a great deal of space to operate. If possible, consider mounting them on an angle so they light the entire yard evenly.

If this is not possible, a floodlight set on a low-pitched light pole will provide enough light for most situations. If you’re worried about security, floodlight options are a great idea.

Many outdoor lights feature built-in sensors that detect carbon monoxide (CO) levels and will shut off the light if levels are too high in the yard. If you want general lighting, floodlight options are a better choice.

They won’t put as much light in your yard and are less intense. However, floodlight fixtures are very bright and can blast light into the eyes of unsuspecting passersby if you’re not careful.

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Attachable Garden Lights

If you have a small backyard or space between homes, consider mounting garden lights on an extension pole so you have more flexibility in placement. This is a great idea for smaller gardens with limited space.

Attach the lights to the pole using strip lighting, and you can create a great light show when the sun goes down. Garden lights are meant to be attached to something, so they require a mounting solution.

If you’re not sure where to start, see if an existing light pole or post would work in your yard. Most home improvement stores sell light fixtures that are right attachment type lights.***

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