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Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture – Modern dining furniture is perfect for hosting. Modern dining sets have benches and chairs that are matched along with matching tables and stools for dining.

These furniture pieces will amaze your guests. No matter if you’re entertaining some friends or throwing an official dinner event, you’ll be satisfied by the result. Modern dining room furniture is an ideal match to the modern decor of your home.

Adora’s Diamante collection

Inspired by a diamond cut, the Diamante collection is a blend of geometric designs with a modern and contemporary look. It is made in Italy The collection represents the very best standards of design and quality.

The refined design is a reflection of the exquisite tastes of the jeweler, and the furniture was made to blend with high-end interiors. The most distinctive feature in the range is the pouf which is a great addition to the dining set.

The focal point of this modern collection is a stunning table that is modern and stylish. The modular, symmetrical style highlights the beautiful proportions of well-designed shapes.

The gilded, silkscreen designs add a hint of glamour and style to the table. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to enhance your color scheme or add more contrast the Diamante dining set and chairs will add a touch of elegance to the overall look of your space.

With elegant, sleek lines, and a stunning metal finish, the Diamante collection is the ideal way to enhance the look of your dining space. The collection is made in Italy. You can be sure that each item will be able to last for many years in the future.

Produced in Italy, Adora furniture is recognized for its durability and quality. It has been manufacturing Italian furniture for more than 20 years and has earned worldwide recognition for its elegant design.

contemporary dining room sets for small spaces

The collections of the company are a wonderful combination of design and functionality without sacrificing comfort or practicality. Offering a unique and contemporary style, these pieces of furniture are the ideal choice for any room of the home.

Jacques Quinet

If you’re in the market for a new dining set, you should consider purchasing a French Quinet modern dining set. The designer is highly regarded and has designed a variety of designs of furniture suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

Their designs of his are sought-after by collectors. A lot of design styles are scarce and are difficult to come across.

Jacques Quinet was a French designer and architect who enjoyed an incredible career. He was renowned for his keen attention to particulars, which was obvious in his work.

Quinet was renowned for his fondness of bronze and lacquered woods. The furniture designs he created are classic but modern.

Quinet’s office was situated close to some of the top artisans of his Faubourg Saint-Antoine neighborhood of Paris. He began his woodworking education under Francois Sebesta.

He also started taking classes in architecture and then began designing furniture. He also collaborated alongside Gilbert Poillerat and Raymond Subes.

luxury modern dining room sets

The aesthetics of the Jacques Quinet contemporary dining room set is incredibly elegant. Quinet’s work is regarded as one of the finest of the mid-20th century. It has had a profound influence on furniture makers around the world.

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His career started in 1937 when his father-in-law assigned him the responsibility of the family’s furniture shop. He later started his own decorating office. In 1941, he got his first big commission from his employer, the Krema business in Paris.


Magis’ modern dining furniture blends steel and wood for a sleek, but modern design. The solid beech frame comes in three distinct color combinations, and the top is constructed of HPL laminate.

The table’s elegant design will be a perfect fit for any outdoor or indoor space. Magis is an Italian furniture manufacturer that strives to design furniture that is both functional and fashionable.

Art et Floritude

If you’re thinking about purchasing Art et Floritude contemporary dining furniture You’ll be happy to learn that they also produce stunning lighting.

They are a French company, which was founded in 1850, and is famous for its elegant lighting fixtures made of metal and porcelain. Their designs are distinctive and sophisticated and will bring a touch of elegance to your dining area.

The pair of Jacques Adnet chairs surround a dining table designed by Roger Thibier. The dining area also has an elegant chandelier designed by Jonas Bohlin for Orsjo Belysning. Alongside the lighting, the dining room walls are covered in original wallpaper.

The table’s frame is constructed out of wood and has an elegant baroque design. The top is the palissander-veneer patchwork and high gloss varnish.

The contrast of white and black marble adds a touch of luxury to the furniture that is high-end. The chair and table are custom-made. The light fixtures were developed by Herve Van der Straeten. They have custom-designed patterns.

Sherwood Studios

If you’re looking for modern dining room furniture, consider an option in the Sherwood Studios catalog. The collection is made to fit the design and style of your home and the requirements of the customer.

ultra modern dining room sets

The sleek lines and minimalist design can make any dining space appear elegant. The company also provides the services of interior designing. Their aim is to meet the requirements of their customers and still maintain their personal style.

The process of selecting a new dining set can be a difficult task. It’s important to find the right equilibrium between your preferences and budget, and be sure you’re happy with your decision. It’s good to know that Sherwood Studios has many options from their catalog to aid you in finding the ideal set.

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Dining sets from the Bradford collection have modern styles. Tables are constructed of wood with cherry veneers and chairs are constructed of softly seating upholstered. You can pick from contemporary or classic dining sets according to your taste as well as the number of people in your household.

If you’re hosting guests, you might be interested in getting an extra sideboard for your table. This way, you’ll have additional space to serve guests and additional shelves for drinks and food.***

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