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High-End Dining Room Furniture Brands

High-End Dining Room Furniture Brands – If you’re looking to buy top-quality dining furniture There are a variety of premium brands that you can pick from.

You can go for Magis, Tonon, Armani Casa, or Boca do Lobo. Let’s take a review of the products they provide. These brands are the perfect way to refresh your home’s decor, without spending a fortune.


Magis is a well-known brand of design that is located in Northern Italy. Since its inception in 1976, Magis has since grown to become a major player in the design world.

It has a reputation for challenging the boundaries of design and is always looking for innovative ideas, novel design language, and cutting-edge production techniques.

The brand provides a broad range of top-quality dining furniture and interiors. The brand is famous for its distinctive designs and makes use of eco-friendly materials.

They also have partnered with some of the most renowned interior designers in the world among them Philippe Starck and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

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Magis was founded in the year 1976 in Italy 1976 by Eugenio Perazzo. It is an international brand, with more than 80 countries around the world. Magis is a “factory-free” business meaning the manufacturing process is outsourced to craftsmen and contractors.

It also encourages its suppliers to enhance their technological capabilities. The evidence is in the creative use of materials as well as the ingenuity of production methods.


Tonon is among the most renowned Italian brands in the field of top-of-the-line dining furniture. It was founded in 1926 and Tonon is recognized for its design and quality. Furniture is manufactured entirely in Italy as is the company recognized around all over the globe for its focus on the smallest details and dedication to excellence.

Since its inception in 1926, the company has been expanding its name by incorporating new techniques and materials in order to create new and innovative designs.

best high end dining tables

The brand has been manufacturing furniture for dining rooms for over 100 years. Its reputation has been earned by top-quality materials and creative designs. Its catalog is full of innovative designs that showcase modern fashions and meticulous care for particulars. Sideboards are also stunning with elegant designs that will fit in with any dining space.

Another name to be aware of is Poliform the Italian brand that is known for its high-end furniture. The design of Poliform is marked by sleek and innovative designs and the furniture is well-known for its durability over many years.

Poliform was founded in the year 1970. Poliform is a continuation that is part of the Spinelli family’s business that began in 1942. Poliform’s Mad Joker reading chair, for instance, has high backs and curving lines. It is also available in a range of colors.

Armani Casa

The Armani Casa brand focuses on design, style, and aesthetics in order to design elegant dining furniture. The range of furniture includes chairs to tables and includes bestsellers along with new arrivals and limited Edition pieces. The pieces of the brand are renowned for their superior quality and focus on the smallest details.

high-end furniture brands

The Armani/Casa collection of fabrics was designed by Giorgio Armani and is produced by Rubelli which is an Italian company that was founded in 1791. The company’s mission is to transform materials into art.

The Italian company, whose founding members started with just eight employees has been producing amazing furniture for more than 100 years.

Their top-of-the-line dining room furniture range includes stylish round tables. The Circle table, for instance, is crafted from a base made of metal and bronze.

Some pieces from some of the Armani/Casa collections are constructed of wood. Its Royal bar stool for example has a semi-circular shape which is then transformed into legs.

Armani/Casa is known for mixing traditional and modern methods. It is renowned for its use of Oriental elements that are paired with contemporary motifs and colors.

Boca do Lobo

If you’re looking to purchase high-end dining room furniture, you should consider purchasing furniture from Boca do, Lobo. The Portuguese brand blends traditional craftsmanship and modern style to create furniture that is distinctive and unique.

Furniture and accessories from the brand are constructed from high-end materials and have elegant finishes and intricate carvings.

Boca do Lobo is part of the Menina Design Group and was founded in Portugal in 2005. They have received global recognition because of their distinctive and creative design concepts.

Their sophisticated and chic style has allowed them to establish themselves as a major player in Europe and many other countries.

The bedroom is among the rooms of the house in which the majority of people are and the ambiance of the room is an immediate correlation with the quality of sleep. More restful and healthy sleep helps a person concentrate and perform at a high level.

To create a relaxing environment that encourages the best quality of sleep, Boca do Lobo has developed a line that includes Lapiaz products. They feature a distinctive appearance with deep cracks and gold-plated plates.


Besana is an Italian producer of high-end furniture which was established in 1903. It has built a long-standing tradition of excellence and innovation. It is located in Como, Italy. The company manufactures high-end furniture that is made from top-quality materials.

The company also collaborates alongside top design professionals to develop innovative designs. The company additionally has its own design lab which is where it collaborates with designers who design the most appealing designs.

Besana is a family-owned business with five generations of heritage and has been producing exquisite dining room furniture for wealthy families.

The company started by making furniture for The Royal House of Austria. The company is now recognized for its hand-crafted production and premium customization.

The company offers chairs, dining sets, and stools. They also provide white-glove delivery, where two individuals deliver and set up the new furniture. They also assist with packing and dismantling the furniture.

Klaussner Furniture

One of the biggest furniture companies for homes located in the United States, Klaussner Furniture makes high-quality furniture suitable for commercial and residential settings. Its aim is to provide its customers with the best value for money through continuous improvement and speed-to-market.

The company provides the furniture with a range of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, and includes fabric and leather upholstery options. The company also provides accessories and other pieces to complete the look of your home.

high end dining room sets

Klaussner’s designs are known for their strength, and durability, made with top-quality materials, and are highly customizable. Some models come with pet-friendly fabrics. It is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint.

It manufactures all of its foam using the base of soybean oil, thus reducing its dependence on petroleum-based products and decreasing production waste.

Arno Side Chair

If you’re in search of an incredibly comfortable side chair for your dining area then the Arno Side Chair can be the ideal option. This elegant side chair has an elegantly curved back with a cushioned seat.

It is made of solid wood and is available in light brown and black finishes. Arno Side Chair Arno Side Chair can be described as a multi-functional piece that can be used with various types and styles of tables.


Luxxu is a Portuguese brand that will unveil its latest collection in the Salone del Mobile 2018. Their line includes various furniture pieces made with meticulous care to the smallest of details. The brand is most well-known for its lighting designs but it has also entered the furniture market in recent years.

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The LUXXU Home Spear Console is a stunning piece of dining furniture. It is a combination of gold-plated brass and a smoke-black mirror to create an impressive ambiance.

Sharp edges and slender designs make it attractive and sturdy. Its timeless design and luxury materials make it a stylish and practical feature for any dining area.

Luxxu’s premium dining room furniture manufacturers are known for their elegant timeless furniture that is sure to bring elegance and class to any space.

They are focused on bringing out new designs and timeless designs They are also accommodating to the demands of their customers. They also offer customized pieces, which means that the pieces they create are totally unique to your taste and style preferences.***

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