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How Can I Get a Garden Makeover For Free?

How Can I Get a Garden Makeover For Free? – The Garden Rescue program covers the costs of materials, design, and labor for a makeover.

Although this service is not suitable for large gardens, it will pay for a garden of up to 150 square meters. To qualify, you must submit measurements in centimeters and meters and a rough hand drawing of your garden.


If you are planning a garden makeover and you don’t know where to start, consider using the free online application Plan-a-Garden to give your garden a makeover.

It features more than 900 different plant species, as well as lighting options and even the ability to save your work online. The application also offers you the ability to export your completed garden image.

This website provides the tools needed to design any size garden. You can create a container garden, front walk, or whole yard by dragging and dropping different elements.

This app also comes with dozens of different plant styles and dozens of structure templates for you to choose from. You can also upload photos of your own to see how they will look in your yard.

Plan-a-Garden has many settings to fit every homeowner’s needs. It includes plants in many different climates, housing styles, and sizes. It also contains more than a thousand photos of plants and flowers. You can choose to view plants by size and type or search for the exact plant you’re looking for.

free garden makeover 2022

Another excellent tool is VegPlotter. It lets you choose the crops you’ll grow and allows you to save your work. The program is free to use, though you may want to consider donating to help keep the servers running. It also offers a free seven-day trial and informative monthly newsletters.

Plan-a-Garden can be a great tool for those who have limited gardening space. It offers an online tool that will allow you to choose from over 50 different plant species and determine how much space you need to plant them.

The program will also give you the ability to drag and drop different garden beds and plants in the exact locations you want them to be. It will also help you with your budget and pest control.

Filthy Garden SOS

Filthy Garden SOS is a new television show which aims to give homeowners’ filthy gardens a much-needed makeover. The show will premiere on 5Star on 11 November 2021 and will repeat in Spring 2022 on Channel 5.

The show features a number of homeowners who have no idea how to maintain their gardens and are desperate to have them transformed. To make their dream garden a reality, homeowners will have to do a lot of work.

The first step to getting a clean, green garden is to get rid of any old sheds that you have. It will open up your garden and make it more spacious.

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You can also use the wood from old sheds for your veg patch. You can also ask friends to give you cuttings of plants they grow. These will add a bit of personality to your garden and purify the air!


If you want a free garden makeover, SmartDraw is the software for you. This design software comes with a large library of symbols. Simply drag and drop the symbols into your drawing to design your garden.

You can even change the size of the objects. Once your design is done, you can export the finished product to a number of different formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, and more.

garden makeover ideas on a budget

SmartDraw is great for designing a garden and its designs can be tailored to match your needs. For example, you can use native plants to feed local flora and fauna.

You can also use the program to draw plans. You can choose from several pre-designed garden templates, or you can create your own plan.

SmartDraw is easy to use, and the garden design templates allow you to get a professional result without the expense of a professional landscape designer.

It also comes with a library of symbols and images to add to your garden design. SmartDraw also allows you to resize objects by typing their dimensions. You can also apply colors, textures, gradients, and hyperlinks to your design.

SmartDraw allows you to create and share designs with your friends, making it a great choice for small professional projects and free garden makeover projects.

SmartDraw does not require extensive computer skills or CAD software, but it does require an internet connection. This program is a good choice for anyone who needs to make their ideas clear and detailed.

For more advanced garden design, you can use the software Gardenscapes. This program allows you to create a stunning deck and outdoor kitchen and has an extensive library of plants and trees.

Although this software is free, it does offer in-app purchases, so it may not be suitable for beginners. In addition, the software is not as helpful if you have more experience or want a more complex design.

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It also lacks information on how to care for the various plants in your garden. It also contains ads for Gardena products and is more focused on selling Gardena products than garden design.


HomeByMe’s free version of its garden makeover tool allows you to design your outdoor space for free. The tool allows you to place outdoor decorations and furniture in your design.

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After placing it, you can edit the area with its tools, such as selecting an edge and moving it. After adding your desired outdoor items, you can finish your garden makeover by selecting its furnishing tab.

If you are planning to design your home or garden, HomeByMe offers several design tools. You can create floor plans, visualize your new design, and even share them with real professionals to get feedback.

You can use the free version to design a small part of your home or sign up for a full version to get unlimited access to all the features.***

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