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How to Build Metal Hanging Planters Outdoor

How to Build Metal Hanging Planters Outdoor – Metal hanging planters are lightweight and durable. Abetree metal hanging planters are made of high-temperature paint, and a strong metal chain, and are available in two colorways.

These planters are great for outdoor use because they can hold up to 200 pounds of soil. To avoid rust, the planters come in two different colorways. You can find a planter in either of these colors, depending on your personal preference.

Galvanized steel

Decorative hanging planters can make a great addition to your deck or patio. These planters are constructed from galvanized steel and feature a two-tone finish. They are ideal for flower and plant display and feature sturdy handles.

You can even use them to display extra bathroom linens. A galvanized steel hanging planter measures approximately 16 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 5.5 inches deep. It holds up to two gallons of water and requires some assembly.

Galvanized steel planters are also an environmentally friendly choice. They are solid and contain no holes, so they won’t allow moisture to seep into the plant. To help with drainage, small rocks or debris can be added to the bottom of the planter.

And since they’re made from 100% recycled steel, you can be sure you’re doing your part to help the environment. This means that your planters will last for a very long time and be able to be used again.


The versatile nature of Copper Metal Hanging Planters Outdoor makes them the perfect medium for creating mini-gardens. Whether you want to create a calming, soothing atmosphere or a bold, striking look, these planters can fit the bill.

Not only do they offer an excellent planting area, but they can also complement a variety of existing garden spaces. By putting colorful flowers and foliage at eye level, these pots can increase visibility to your visitors.

The copper hanging planter is handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. The copper bowl is spun by hand and then manipulated into a hemisphere shape. An antique chain is attached to the bottom of the copper bowl.

These unique hanging planters are great for small plants, like trailing house plants. Over time, the copper will develop a rich green patina. Gardenista may earn commissions from retailers who feature their products.

Another type of planter is the corten steel version. This material looks old and industrial but is lighter than solid metal. The rusted finish makes this planter look vintage, and the interior is made of fiberglass.

If you want a planter with a rustic, old-world feel, consider a Corten steel planter. Copper Metal Hanging Planters Outdoor is also available in polished aluminum finish, which makes them lighter and less expensive than solid metal hanging planters.


If you’re just starting out as a gardener, the Sungmor small hanging planter will be ideal. At 7.5 inches wide, it’s large enough to fit a variety of air plants or succulents.

This planter also features small holes to drain excess water and a thick cotton rope at the bottom. The streamlined egg shape makes it easy to see how Sungmor can help you grow your green thumb.

The products produced by Sungmor are made from high-quality materials. The wires are safe and the internal pot is detachable. Because of this, you can use different flower arrangements and plants in these planters.

The planters are also very attractive and scientifically designed. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are also ideal gifts for any occasion. If you’re looking for a Sungmor planter, shop online at FindThisBest and enjoy the benefits of shopping at a reputable online retailer.

Another option for hanging planters is the Sungmor tiered planter. It takes up the minimum amount of space but creates a dramatic impact on the design. The tiered planter has a tin cylinder base that creates the perfect trough base.

You can grow three different kinds of plants in the tiered planter and enjoy the stunning curb appeal it offers. These planters are great for front or back porches and patios, and they will add a splash of color and style.

Unfinished wood

To create metal hanging planters outdoor from unfinished wood, follow the steps below: First, measure the width of the hanger you wish to build and mark it. Next, measure the width of the bottom panel.

If it is smaller than the top panel, make the first cut a little smaller. Once the base panel has been cut, start building the top panel. Next, use a straightedge to mark a small X in the middle of it. The two top panels will then be blank with no holes in them.

A tiered hanging planter is an excellent option if space is at a premium. It requires little space but still makes a big impact on the overall design. The tin cylinder forms an ideal trough base and will hold up three different types of plants.

Place it on the front porch or back patio to give your house some curb appeal. You can also display several hanging planters on the same wall to create an unusual living wall hanging.

Another option for hanging planters is a wooden planter with a vintage design. This one resembles an old-fashioned pulley system.

The planter’s bottom is adorned with rivets that are positioned on the two sides. It is great for small pots, especially when placed beside a door. And for a more sophisticated look, you can place it next to a mirror.

Riseon’s large hanging planter

If you’re looking for a large hanging planter for your garden, you’ve probably seen Riseon’s large hanging planter outdoor. The geometric shape of this hanging basket coupled with its metallic finish gives it a bohemian vibe.

Not only will this hanging planter look beautiful in your garden, but you can also use it as a decorative piece in your home. Its simple maintenance and leak-free chain make it an ideal choice for busy families and busy professionals.

Made of ceramic, this wall hanging planter has a modern edge thanks to its glossy white finish and round silhouette. This planter will last you a long time and is perfect for low-maintenance succulents.

Its galvanized design ensures durability. Its size also makes it ideal for outdoor use and comes in a variety of colorways. Whether you choose a rustic, vintage, or modern style, these planters will add a modern element to any outdoor space.

As a consumer, you should pay close attention to the reviews and ratings of a hanging planter outdoor. You’ll want to look for a company that has a growing user base and keeps its product quality at high levels.

That way, you’ll be more satisfied with the product you purchase. And if the product has a reputation for quality, this is even better! A growing number of happy customers should translate to an increased customer base.


Outdoor hanging planters are a stylish, space-saving way to add plants to your yard. They are perfect for a variety of setups, including patios, balconies, and sprawling backyards. They give your outdoor area a polished appearance and are available in a wide range of styles and materials.

The perfect outdoor planter can enhance your patio or backyard while providing the beauty and functionality of an indoor space.

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With their wide selection of planters, you can easily find one that meets your needs and complements the design of your space. The English Horse Trough Planter is the perfect choice for a balcony or pint-sized patio.

This 24-inch-wide hanging planter has plenty of room for several plants and features adjustable brackets. Its coco-lined bottom provides adequate moisture retention for the soil. And since the planter is so large, it allows you to grow more plants than you ever imagined possible!***

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