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How To Clean a Carpet Using A Carpet Cleaner?

How To Clean a Carpet Using A Carpet Cleaner – Carpets often harbor a lot of dirt and germs, which makes them an ideal breeding ground for them.

If you’re looking to keep your home clean and healthy, then you should learn how to properly clean a carpet. That’s where a carpet cleaner comes in.

They remove dead skin, soil, and other debris from between the fibers of the carpeting so that it becomes more like actual flooring rather than animal-like fur.

However, not all carpet cleaners are created equal. Make sure you understand exactly what your cleaner can and cannot do before hiring one.

And make sure to check out our list of the best carpet cleaners in 2019 to make sure you’re getting the very best out of your dollar!

What can a carpet cleaner do?

A carpet cleaner can perform a number of different duties when working on your carpet. The first is accessibility. Because most carpet cleaning is performed inside a home, the cleaner needs to be able to get to where the dirt is located so that they can properly clean it.

This is why most carpet cleaners come with floor sprayers that can be used on any type of surface. Another important task for the cleaner is removal.

Because most carpet cleaners are specialized in a single type of cleaning, they will often be unable to remove everything that is clogging up your carpet.

Lastly, the cleaner should be able to prepare your carpet for drying by removing all the excess water from the ground. If you’ve recently installed quality anti-slip surfaces, you may want to wait a day before using a carpet cleaner to ensure that the water-retention material is properly removed from between the fibers of the carpet.

How to properly use a carpet cleaner

When your house is dirty, it’s important to clear it out regularly to prevent allergens and other harmful substances from getting a foothold in your home.

A simple way to do this is to use an airtight container such as an old-fashioned glass bottle or an airtight plastic bag.

Once a week, empty the bag and place it in an air-tight container. This will help to trap air and keep harmful substances from getting into your home.

When you’re done cleaning, rinse off the bottle and allow it to air-dry. This will help to eliminate excess water from the fibers of the bottle, as well as help the bottle to be more stain-resistant.

The 3 main types of carpet cleaners

The three most commonly used carpet cleaning types are:

1. Steamer

These machines can be used to clean both wet and dry carpets, and they work by creating a draft that agitates the water in the carpet fibers making them rid of dirt and excess water. This type of cleaner is best used when your carpet has never been steam-cleaned.

2. Dryer

Dryers do not create as much surface tension as water-based cleaners, so their cleaning agents will be able to get to the grime and gunk in between the fibers of the carpet much easier.

3. Wet

Wet cleaners are generally more expensive than dryer cleaners, but they’re also known for producing extreme static and for throwing away a lot of useful cleaning chemicals.

The benefits of hiring a professional

Professional carpet cleaners are well-versed in the various types of cleaning, so they know which chemicals to use for which type of cleaning.

This makes them more efficient, as they won’t be searching through a bag of cleaning solutions looking for the right one for every stain and odor.

And, of course, their methods are usually more reliable due to the experience of the staff. When you use a professional, you’re also getting a better deal on a per-hour basis.

A professional cleaner can usually charge $50 or more per hour when you’d only used them for a few minutes.

But when you use a professional for a full day, they may charge you $75 or even $100 for that period of time.

How to Choose the Right Carpet Flooring?

Provenance and who to hire

If you’re going to hire a professional to clean your carpets, you should probably hire one that uses quality chemicals. The chemicals used by cheap carpet cleaners can be harmful to your carpet, and the cleaners themselves may be exposed to harmful chemicals through their work.

There are a few considerations you need to make before hiring a professional carpet cleaner. First, make sure to find one that is registered with the Better Business Bureau.

This will show you whether or not the cleaner is legit and not some money-grubbing scam artist. Check out our list of the best carpet cleaners in 2019 to make sure you’re getting the very best out of your dollar!


Your carpet is a very expensive piece of furniture, so it’s important to keep it clean and properly cared for. Hire a professional for carpet cleaning if you don’t know how to do the job, or if you’re not interested in the effort.

Avoid using products that contain chemicals, as these can damage your carpet. Use an air-tight glass bottle to store cleaning chemicals, and be sure to clean your carpet often so that it doesn’t get too dirty again quickly. ***

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