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How To Paint A Brick House With Unique Designs

How To Paint A Brick House With Unique Designs – When you think of painting a brick house, the first thing that probably crosses your mind is how much work it is. After all, most houses are made of bricks so it stands to reason that there are lots of different ways to paint a brick house.

But the good news is that the task isn’t as difficult as you might think. You see, unlike concrete or stucco houses which need to be completely covered from top to bottom before they can be painted, brick houses are pretty adaptable.

In other words, you don’t have to paint a brick house exactly like it’s in a movie. All you need is creative thinking and some ingenuity! It doesn’t matter if it’s an old home or a brand new construction; whether it’s inside or outside, painted brick houses have something for everyone. So here are  unique ways to paint a brick house:

Make the brick walls the centerpiece of your house

For a more rustic or historical look, try painting the brick walls a dark and rich color. If you’re going for a more modern or contemporary look, you can try painting the walls in a contemporary color scheme such as white, grey, or black.

White walls and ceilings work great when you want to keep things simple and black and grey work well when you want to create a more rustic or historical look. For more ideas on how to paint a brick house, check out this post: 5 Ways To Make Your House Look More Like A Mansion

Add texture to finished rooms

For a more rustic or historical look, try painting the walls and doors of your finished rooms with a stucco-like texture. Abrasivebrick, stone, or wooden doors, walls, and steps can look very real and authentic when painted with a stucco-like texture.

You can also try painting the walls and doors with granules, tiny pebbles, or dirt, to add texture and color to your finished rooms. To get a better idea of how this texture looks in real life, here’s a close-up of the doorstep in our kitchen:

Change the color scheme with different walls

For a more colorful look, try painting the walls in different colors. A simple way to do this is to use different shades of the same color in different rooms of the house.

If the kitchen is the main room of the house, the walls can look very bland and boring when painted white. By adding some color to the walls, the kitchen becomes much more eye-catching and fun:

Make it look like a log cabin

If you really want to go all out, paint your log cabin-style house in a traditional log cabin pattern. If you’re not exactly sure where to begin, start with the exterior and work your way inside.

Start with the floor and walls and use the existing boards and timbers to create a pattern that follows the contours of the house. If your house has a traditional log layout, you can start by sanding the timbers and then using a power sander, paint the timbers a brownish-green hue to create a cedar-like pattern.

Once the timbers are sanded, you can use a power sander to paint the house to look like it’s made of logs instead of concrete or stucco.

Tips to Paint Your Exterior Home in A Quick and Easy Way!


The possibilities for creative and unique ways to paint a brick house are almost endless. With a little imagination, anything can be painted brick!

Whether you want to change the color scheme, add a log cabin, or make the walls look like stone, there are a number of creative ways to paint a brick house. In the end, if you want a bright, colorful house that stands out, consider painting your house in an accent color instead.

The bright color will draw attention to your house, making it look much more valuable and make your house seem much more spacious. When it comes to painting a brick house, creativity is the key. There are many ways to go about it and the key is to find a style that works with the architecture of your house and the materials you have available to you.

Wrap up The beauty of painting a brick house is that you can do it in a variety of different styles and still create a unique and interesting design. From a rustic log cabin look to a more modern and colorful accent, there are plenty of creative ways to go about this. While there are a number of different techniques you can use to paint a brick house, the one constant throughout them all is creativity!***

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