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Low-Maintenance Modern Front Yard Landscaping

Low-Maintenance Modern Front Yard Landscaping – For modern, low-maintenance landscaping for your front yard and citrus trees, clay pots are a good option.

They need little maintenance and do not require sealing or any special cleaning. It is also possible to use terracotta tiles to add a touch of elegance to your front garden landscaping. Other low-maintenance options are garden borders as well as herbaceous perennials.

Plants within three groups

No matter if you’re operating on a budget or possess a large area, it is possible to create a simple-to-maintain yard for your front.

If you select perennial plants with a group of 3 plants, you’ll be able to make a beautiful garden that won’t need an excessive amount of care. Although some types of ground cover may become overgrown most do not require much attention.

front yard modern landscaping ideas

Plants within five groups

A modern, low-maintenance front yard can be made by utilizing a low-maintenance color scheme and some carefully selected plants. The silver ponyfoot, native of Texas is a subtle contrast and a water-wise groundcover.

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The muhly grass blocks the prickly pear Cactus and the agaves give the landscape an impressive structure and cool tones. As you step toward the entrance, the palette is warmer and more inviting.

A large crape myrtle swayed in front of the entrance to greet visitors with blooms in the summer months and vibrant foliage color in winter.

Low-maintenance gardens typically consist of plants that require minimal irrigation and that are indigenous to your region.

easy landscaping ideas for front of hous

The landscape or garden designer must be aware of the type of lawn you have and the hardscape components. The objective is to design a perfect landscape that requires minimal pruning, watering, or mowing.

Low-maintenance landscaping plants can bring some color to your entryway and can be attractive over the long run.

It is also possible to have them positioned in moveable planter boxes or pots to allow for more flexibility. They look stunning when placed in rows, and add the look of an entranceway.

The front yard landscaping with low maintenance requirements will not necessarily cost more as opposed to the reverse.

minimalist front yard landscaping

The best plant selection will depend on the climate conditions in your area as well as the time you are able to devote to maintaining the garden.

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Ornamental grasses are an easy-care gardener’s favorite companion. They appear lush even in tiny spaces and provide a modern, clean appearance.

Plants with a triangle shape

Utilizing geometric shapes in landscaping the front yard is a well-known method. For instance, the homeowner in the image above utilized concrete rectangles poured into the ground to create a path that leads toward the doorway.

Additionally, many homeowners are making use of plants in triangular shapes. This design gives you a contemporary and clean appearance that requires minimum maintenance. To achieve the best results, you should group your plants into clusters of either three or five placed in a triangle.***

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