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The Top 5 Free VPS Trials For 2022, Which Actually Work

I’m sorry to break the bad news, but you won’t find a VPS that is permanently free that isn’t a fraud. I spent hours looking for the greatest VPS offers, and I came across a lot of these “free VPS hosts.” Every single one of them turned out to be a total hoax.
Now for the good news: I discovered a few top-notch VPS hosting firms that provide risk-free trials. Nevertheless, some free trials are superior to others. Some hosts prefer to make canceling difficult or to severely restrict your options up until you pull out your money.
I signed up for as many trials as I could, tried each one thoroughly, and then selected the top five to share with you. You can risk-free test out a potent VPS solution with any of the following hosts.
Lacking time? The top web hosts offering free VPS trials in November 2022 are as follows:
1 Kamatera offers a Cloud VPS with $100 in credit and other lovely bonuses for free for 30 days.
2 Scala Hosting offers inexpensive managed VPS plans with a top-notch control panel with a 30-day guarantee.
Cheap unmanaged VPS that you can test out risk-free for 30 days at 3 1&1 IONOS

What Makes the Best Free VPS Hosting Services the Best?

Simple cancellation – Some hosts like to lure you into a free trial only to make it as challenging as they can to cancel. I selected hosts that made it simple to cancel an account.
Long trial duration: You won’t have enough time to thoroughly assess a host’s services with a short trial. Because of this, the majority of the free trials on this list last at least 30 days.
Flexibility – Your needs might be very specific with a VPS because it is very adaptable. The VPS trials on this list provide you the freedom to experiment with various setups and features without placing too many restrictions.
Fast server setup: It’s not enjoyable to waste the first few days of your trial waiting for the server to be configured and made accessible. Quick server setup capabilities were rewarded with extra points by hosts.

1. Kamatera – $100 Credit for a 30-Day Trial of a Powerful Cloud VPS

Instead of hosting your website on a single physical server, Kamatera’s sophisticated Cloud VPS hosting solution gives you access to a cluster of cloud servers located all over the world. There are several advantages to this, one of which is the immediate resource scaling.
I was concerned that Kamatera’s free trial could be restricted because of its highly adjustable servers, but that wasn’t the case. The generous 30-day free trial gives you access to one Cloud VPS with a $100 credit for the entire month. The costs are still quite reasonable even after the trial period.
You are free to scale your resources however you see fit and even add or remove other features like load balancers and firewalls as long as you stay within this $100 cap. However, be aware that you will be charged extra if you unintentionally use more than the $100 credit. However, as long as you don’t overdo it, you ought to be able to experience for yourself the potent Cloud VPS Kamatera provides without spending a thing.
Excellent performance – Kamatera’s Cloud VPS uses potent Intel Xeon Platinum processors to deliver outstanding speeds for your website.
A designated account manager will be available to you for the duration of the trial to address any queries you may have regarding Kamatera’s service. Even technical guidance on the best VPS configuration for your requirements is provided.
Rapid server setup – Within a minute of joining up, your server will be ready for use.
Technical help is provided by Kamatera’s team round-the-clock and is accessible during the free trial by phone, email, and tickets.

2. Scala Hosting – Budget-Friendly Managed VPS with a 30-Day Money-Back Promise

One of the most affordable choices for managed VPS is Scala Hosting, which provides a low-cost managed Linux VPS plan for just Rp599218 per month. Although there is no free trial available, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to test the service risk-free.
The typical benefits come with managing your VPS. Your VPS will be configured, have any necessary installations taken care of, have its performance optimized, receive the most recent patch updates, run daily remote backups, be monitored for uptime, and be scanned for malware by a support team. This means that throughout the trial time, you may fully concentrate on evaluating Scala Hosting’s service. Just bear in mind that CentOS 8 is the only operating system supported by the managed plans.
Although you do have the option of subscribing for the well-known cPanel if you choose, Scala Hosting also has its own proprietary control panel called SPanel. SPanel is a nice substitute, though. You can manage VPSs easily and create an infinite number of accounts without paying extra. All things considered, if you’re looking for a cheap beginner-friendly VPS, Scala Hosting might be worth checking out.
Resources that are scaleable – You can change the size of your resources at any time. However, doing so necessitates restarting your server.
Self-managed VPS – Unmanaged VPS is also an alternative. This costs $10 for the least expensive option, which is a little less than the managed plans. While you give up all the advantages of a managed VPS, you do get root access, which enables far more customization.
SShield security is provided for free if you select the free SPanel option. This artificial intelligence (AI) system keeps an eye on your server, preventing web attacks, and alerting you to any weaknesses.
Unlimited website migration – Scala Hosting will move an infinite number of websites to its hosting service using managed VPS.

3. Cheap Unmanaged VPS with a 30-Day Guarantee from 1&1 IONOS

One&1 IONOS offers VPS plans starting at just Rp29998 if you’re searching for one of the least expensive self-managed options on the market. You will still receive the benefits of a 30-day money-back guarantee even with such a low admission charge.
Despite being a low-cost option, 1&1 IONOS nevertheless performed well and had a high uptime in our tests. You will also receive a few pleasant premium services, such as the ability to generate momentary snapshots of your VPS at any time and the assignment of a personal consultant to each customer to assist with any questions.
However, your advisor won’t help you operate your server, and there may be occasions when it’s difficult to reach them. You must be familiar with VPS server configuration, optimization, and upkeep if you want to get the most out of 1&1 IONOS.

All 1&1 IONOS servers support limitless traffic, so you’ll never hit a limit or incur overage charges.
Cloud backup storage with integrated malware protection and strong encryption is available for purchase for an additional cost. You can create incremental or full backups.
Available premium support – Call IONOS support for assistance with complex activities like installing or troubleshooting server software. There is a cost associated with this service.
On-the-go VPS management One of the few VPS hosts with a responsive and useful mobile app is 1&1 IONOS. You are able to control your servers, keep an eye on performance, pay bills, and more.

4. Cloudways Offers a 3-Day Trial of Managed Services on the Largest Cloud Platforms

Cloudways serves as a management service for some of the largest cloud hosts, like Google Cloud and Amazon AWS, rather than offering web hosting services on its own servers. You may therefore take use of these hosting providers’ top-notch performance without having to learn how to configure a virtual server yourself.
Even though Cloudways is a third party, you can use it to directly buy a range of hosting plans from various suppliers. You may manage your server instances using the simple Cloudways interface, so you never have to deal directly with the provider of the infrastructure.
Although it is relatively brief, Cloudways does provide a 3-day free trial that can be signed up for without a credit card. Prices outside of the trial may be similar to Scala Hosting, but this will depend on the infrastructure company you select. You can save money by using DigitalOcean, Linode, or Vultr instead of Google Cloud or Amazon AWS.

  • Simple WordPress installation: Cloudways provides software that enables you to automatically set up numerous WordPress instances on a single server. You then get the pre-optimized hosting stack from Cloudways for the best WordPress performance.
  • Dedicated staging environment – To test site updates and new plugins without affecting your live site, you can launch a dedicated staging area. You may quickly push these modifications to the live site once you’re ready.
  • Premium CDN – All Cloudways subscriptions include access to the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, which dramatically improves your site’s performance around the world. This offers a higher level of security as well as image and mobile optimization.
  • A response to a support ticket will be provided by support staff within 12 hours for standard assistance and within 3 hours for high-priority help. You are entitled to service credits if Cloudways doesn’t fulfill these commitments.

5. GreenGeeks – Try a Beginner-Friendly Managed VPS for 30 Days with Excellent Support

The managed service and technical support you receive from GreenGeeks make up for the fact that they are by far the most expensive VPS provider on this list. Fortunately, GreenGeeks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you may test it out before deciding.
All GreenGeeks VPSs come with ongoing maintenance and are optimized and secured for you. A cPanel Solo license is also provided so you may start creating websites right away.
Technical help from GreenGeeks is simply exceptional. They won’t change the coding of your website or any unique software, but they will try to assist you with all the fundamentals, even going so far as to handle technical duties for you. GreenGeeks assistance has helped my coworkers install WordPress, set up optimization plugins, and more. For someone who is new to VPS, this can be immensely beneficial.

-Softaculous included – The helpful Softaculous program installer is part with the free cPanel license. With just one click, you may install more than 350 programs thanks to this.
GreenGeeks will monitor your server for problems as part of its managed service. -Proactive 24/7 monitoring. The support staff will automatically step in to address any problems that are found.
GreenGeeks maintains its SSD storage in a highly redundant RAID-10 array. Your data will be duplicated across several drives with this arrangement to guard against loss.
Free dedicated IP – A free dedicated IP is included with each GreenGeeks VPS package. To make sure you are given a clean address, every IP is checked against a blacklist beforehand.

How to Choose the Right VPS Trial for You

Which free VPS trial is therefore the best for you? Depending on your needs, yes. I’d suggest giving Kamatera a go if you’re a developer in need of fully customized servers that can be quickly scaled up or down. A flexible 30-day trial with a $100 free credit is available.
On the other hand, use Scala Hosting if you want to test out a reasonably priced managed VPS. The exclusive SPanel control can be used to launch a virtual instance. You have 30 days to obtain a complete refund if the service is unsatisfactory.
Check out 1&1 IONOS if you’re seeking for the least expensive unmanaged VPS solution. If it satisfies your needs after a 30-day trial period, you’ll pay less than you would with many other options.

What VPS service is the best?

The ideal VPS solution for you will rely on your unique requirements. Are you just learning about VPS? If so, I’d suggest Scala Hosting or Cloudways as they both provide managed services with excellent support. Due to its customizability, Kamatera might be a better option if you’re a developer.
I don’t have a credit card, how can I receive a free VPS?
You may join up for a 3-day trial of Cloudways without using a credit card. Having said that, it will be impossible to find a server that provides “forever-free” VPS hosting that isn’t a scam or has so few limitations that it’s practically meaningless. For individuals on a tight budget, several of the choices I discussed above are inexpensive and provide free trials and guarantees.

Why are VPS costs so high?

Compared to shared hosting, VPS is a more advanced technology that provides higher degrees of control and performance. Price rises as a result of this. VPSs don’t have to be pricey, though – Cheap VPS instances are available from 1&1 IONOS. Or, for cheaper shared hosting options, take a look at our ranking of the best web providers for 2022.

What distinguishes VPS hosting from shared hosting?

Much more customization and flexibility are possible with VPS. You can install whichever OS and software that meets your needs and scale your resources to match your precise demands. The isolation from other users of the same server that comes with a VPS makes it more dependable and safe overall.
Nevertheless, shared hosting is significantly simpler for people who are new to web hosting. If that is you, I implore you to read our article on website hosting in 2022.

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