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The top 5 providers of unlimited bandwidth for VPS hosting in 2022

Many of the VPS hosting companies that do provide unlimited bandwidth don’t otherwise give particularly good value.
Because of this, finding a trustworthy VPS host with unlimited bandwidth is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

My coworkers and I at Website Planet have registered with and examined each of the most well-liked VPS hosts worldwide.
Only three of the hosts that guarantee unlimited site traffic are genuinely worthwhile, according to my analysis of our findings.

They do, however, exist, particularly if you broaden your search to include VPS servers like Kamatera that provide a huge amount of monthly bandwidth to the point where it is practically unlimited.
You might find a host who can provide you much more than simply limitless bandwidth if you have an open mind about the possibility.

With limitless or other high bandwidth constraints, we put the most well-known VPS hosts to the test.
I was able to narrow the field down to the top five after reviewing the findings.
Which one, though, is best for you?

Lacking time?
The top VPS hosts for 2022 with unlimited bandwidth are as follows:

  • Kamatera: The finest performance and a lot of customization
  • Scala Hosting: An inexpensive managed VPS provider with a wealth of features
  • Lowest pricing for unmanaged VPS at 1&1 IONOS
  • The Qualities of the Top Unlimited-Bandwidth VPS Providers

Beyond limitless or extremely generous bandwidth, the following requirements have to be met for a VPS hosting company to enter our list:

Abundant “other” resources

The amount of CPUs, gigabytes of RAM, and storage space that a host provides can affect the speed and scalability of your website (s).

Swiftness and Dependability

The reliability and speed of your website’s loading are essential for retaining visitors.
Performance shouldn’t have to suffer in order to accommodate unmetered site traffic.

Friendliness to users

Some systems offered by VPS hosting providers are simpler to use than others, regardless of whether you’re a developer or seasoned user.
The people on our list meet that criteria.

Several Features

While some VPS hosts provide limitless bandwidth, they cap the options available.
We sought for hosts that offer the features you require and want for no charge, or at least charge a fair fee for them.

Strong Protection

If your site is breached, your host should be able to help you resolve the situation without putting you under undue stress. Your host should offer sufficient protection to help avoid attacks.

1. Great Performance and Instant Scalability with Kamatera

Let me be clear right away: Kamatera does not provide limitless bandwidth.
Instead, you’ll receive a hefty 5TB of free bandwidth each month.
Although you are free to exceed this limit, you will be charged a small overage cost for each additional GB of bandwidth that exceeds 5TB.

So why is this ranked first?

Because one of the most dependable and effective VPS hosts is Kamatera.
It is also one of the most customizable in addition to all of this.
You can create your server from scratch, specifying the precise RAM and vCPU requirements.
When you’re up and running, you can additionally scale these resources instantly at any time.

Most users’ needs will probably be met by the hefty 5TB monthly bandwidth on its own, and Kamatera’s reasonably affordable pricing imply that even if you pay overage penalties, you’ll still be receiving a fair deal.


Self-managed with access to complete management

All of Kamatera’s servers are by default self-managed with complete root access.
You can purchase managed support for server upkeep and other time-consuming chores for a monthly charge.

Server dashboard that is customizable

Create your main server administration dashboard according to your preferences so you can quickly see the data that matters to you, such as resource use and traffic.

Complete Redundancy

A backup instance will launch automatically if any component experiences hardware failure.
Diesel generators are also available and waiting in the event of a significant power outage, as is the case with most providers.

30 days of no cost

While you only receive one cloud server, 1TB of storage, and 1TB of bandwidth with Kamatera’s 30-day risk-free trial, you do get a dedicated account manager.

2. Scala Hosting – Low-Cost Managed VPS With Top Features

Scala Hosting can be of interest to you if you’d prefer unmetered bandwidth along with a managed service.
Scala Hosting will take care of your server setup, upkeep, and optimization for you as part of its managed VPS options.
You will also profit from daily snapshots and backups.

Despite having such a fantastic assortment of services, Scala Hosting offers some of the most affordable managed VPS packages available right now.
There are few entry-level options available, but it also provides unmanaged solutions.
A server with 4 virtual CPU cores and 8 GB of RAM is the lowest-tier unmanaged option, but it isn’t inexpensive.

You can begin with a managed server’s respectable 2 vCPU cores and 4GB RAM.
In contrast to Kamatera, you will need to pay three years in advance to receive the greatest deal.
Even for the most affordable server, this is a considerable commitment.


A control panel with lots of features is provided by Scala Hosting and is called SPanel.
It comes with a WordPress site manager that you can use to manage numerous sites, and it enables you to connect an unlimited number of sites at no additional cost.
For an extra monthly fee, you can upgrade your server to include cPanel if you prefer using it.

Strong security program – SShield protection is bundled with the SPanel control panel.
This makes use of AI technologies to recognize and prevent web threats.
Additionally, it alerts you about any potential flaws and provides proposed remedies.

Free limitless migrations – The support staff at Scala Hosting will gladly transfer every one of your websites to its system.
Before they finish the migration, they’ll make sure everything functions as it should.

30-day money-back guarantee – Unlike the majority of VPS providers, Scala Hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that covers cancellations made during the first 30 days of your contract.

3. Limited funds? Try 1&1 IONOS, a cheap unmanaged VPS with unlimited traffic.

The cheapest VPS with unlimited traffic on this list is provided by 1&1 IONOS.
The cost of the VPS S is merely Rp29998 a month, and it remains the same when it comes time to renew.
You’ll still have access to a lot of features, such as a customisable firewall and cost-free interim snapshot backups, despite these low costs.

However, there aren’t many resources on this server.
You’ll have trouble running anything more complex than a static website with just 512 MB RAM and 1 vCPU core.
Theoretically, you could operate a simple WordPress website, but in that case, I’d suggest selecting the VPS M because it provides 2GB RAM and 2 vCPU cores while still being quite economical.

However, despite the fact that traffic is unrestricted, bandwidth per second is not; it is limited to 400 mbps.
You might not be able to use 1&1 IONOS if your website gets really popular.


Each 1&1 IONOS customer is assigned a personal consultant who is dedicated to them.
This one point of contact will get all support inquiries, allowing them to get to know you better and offer more helpful support.

VPS from 1&1 IONOS is unmanaged; premium assistance is provided.
However, you can get in touch with 1&1 IONOS to arrange for paid help for a variety of issues, such as server configuration and troubleshooting for third-party apps.
You will be given a quote if your request can be accommodated.

Secure cloud backups that are optional – If you don’t mind spending a little more, you can always buy cloud backup space.
Along with strong encryption, the cloud storage has ransomware and malware protection.

One of the few significant hosts that allows you to manage your hosting with a specialized mobile app is 1&1 IONOS.
From your phone, you may control your VPS products, keep an eye on performance, and manage bills.

4. The Most Unlimited Features with DreamHost

DreamHost offers managed VPS hosting at a reasonable price.
DreamHost will handle tasks like server upkeep, upgrades, and security patches when you use managed hosting, allowing you to concentrate on your website and business operations.

You get 1GB of RAM and 30GB of SSD storage with the entry-level VPS Basic plan, but you can quickly scale up your resources to 8GB of RAM and 240GB of SSD storage.

All DreamHost managed VPS plans include unlimited bandwidth, as well as unlimited websites, email accounts, and free SSL certificates.
Since not all hosts provide free SSL, I appreciate it because it’s crucial to prevent browsers from marking your site(s) as insecure.

The 100% uptime guarantee offered by DreamHost is one feature that sets it apart.
Although that level of dependability is excellent, our performance testing revealed that page loading times are slightly slow.

DreamHost interface

The DreamHost VPS service is among the easiest to use because of its simple, user-friendly bespoke control panel.

One-click installation of applications

Popular web hosting applications like WordPress may be installed with only one mouse click and almost instantaneously.

Endless sub-accounts

It’s simpler to manage your client accounts and contractor access when you have an unlimited number of sub-accounts on your primary hosting account.


DreamHost VPS is the best option if your target market is in the United States, but it is less effective if you want to reach a global audience.

The excellent value offered by OVHcloud is one of its main benefits.
For just Rp71396 per month if you sign up for a two-year contract, you can acquire a reliable VPS with 2GB RAM and 1vCPU core.
This also includes 40GB of SSD NVMe storage, which is an even quicker storage option than normal SSD.

France-based host OVHcloud has data centers all over the world.
The majority of these data centers offer unlimited monthly bandwidth, although each of its plans is subject to per-second bandwidth restrictions (ranging from 100Mbps to 2Gbps).

Although you can still obtain up to 4TB, which provides for about 800,000 visits per month, there are monthly bandwidth limits if your data center is in Sydney or Singapore in addition to per-second caps.

It’s not all good news, though.
When we tested OVHcloud’s performance, we saw fast loading times but not so fast uptime—well below their promised 99.9%.
Additionally, we had trouble using the OVHcloud control interface and received no assistance from customer care.

5. Best Long-Term Pricing for Unlimited-Bandwidth VPS Features is with OVHcloud

More control panel and OS options

There are numerous Linux versions, control panels, content management systems, and other hosting-related applications available.
The cost of using Windows Server, cPanel, or Plesk control panels is a little bit higher.

24/7 observation and action

OVHcloud will keep an eye on you to make sure you’re secure from threats even if you’re in responsible of your own security and server administration.

Alternative Backups

You can upgrade your site’s security and safety by adding point-in-time snapshots, manual or automatic backups, and other features that are not already included in the base pricing.

Dedicated worldwide IPs

One VPS can have up to 16 geolocated IP addresses from various nations attached to it.

What VPS host with unlimited bandwidth is best for me?

You shouldn’t ever have to be concerned about traffic restrictions or exceeding a monthly bandwidth quota with the hosting services mentioned in this article while still receiving high-quality VPS hosting.
The best part is that all of these hosts provide inexpensive beginning places.

Which one, though, is best for you?

That depends on the needs you have.
Here are some ideas I have if you’re having trouble.

I’d recommend Kamatera if you need a highly customized environment with excellent performance to support it.
Although the total bandwidth is theoretically limitless, there are tiny overage charges if you use more than your 5TB monthly allotment.

Visit Scala Hosting for a fully managed option with no traffic restrictions.
For a lot less money than the competition, you may obtain a good quantity of RAM and CPU power, as well as complete administration.

Searching for the best unmanaged VPS deal?

Costs are inexpensive and traffic is unrestricted with 1&1 IONOS.
Even if you decide to pay monthly, you’ll still save money compared to the majority of competing hosts, but the best rates require a 12-month commitment.

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