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Useful Tropical Garden Edging Ideas

Useful Tropical Garden Edging Ideas – If you have a tropical garden, there are some great edging ideas you can use. These include using low-maintenance edging options like bamboo and pavers and incorporating a densely-planted jungle wall.

You can also use low-growing grasses and ferns along the edge of your path. There are so many possibilities! So get started! Read on for ideas! Listed below are just a few:

Plants that create a tropical garden edging

A variety of flowers and foliage plants can be used to form an edging border. There are no rules regarding the type of flowers to use, but if you’re planning to plant a flower bed on both sides of a walkway or a gate, you’ll want to choose plants that are complementary to one another.

This will help make the edging less uniform, and visitors will not feel as if the border is being arranged in a strict order.

When you design a tropical garden, it’s important to select plants that create a pleasing view. Plants that are easy to reach, such as succulents, are the most appealing.

They also require little maintenance. While you should use a variety of plants in your garden, you should choose those that have broad, contrasting leaves and foliage colors to give a tropical look. You can also use a combination of native and Mediterranean plants.

Palms, bamboos, and ferns can also be used as edging. They look lush and jungly and are great for the lower story of your jungle scheme.

A large fern, Schefflera, produces attractive panicles of exotic-looking leaves and can grow into a small tree or shrub. Plants that create tropical garden edging can be very hardy and can survive in most garden conditions.

Another tropical plant that is easy to grow and requires low maintenance is the agapanthus. This perennial flowering plant looks similar to an allium, but its globular blooms lend a tropical look to your garden.

The leaves of this plant are dark-green with purple veins. A great choice for small garden borders, it is drought-tolerant and has a very low-maintenance nature.

Low-maintenance edging options

When it comes to low-maintenance tropical garden edging, canna flowers are a great choice. These plants are hardy and can tolerate Zones four through seven, and can reach a height of six feet.

Their leaves are paddle-shaped and their flowers are multicolored ranging from yellow to orange. Another plant to consider is Wolf’s bane, a hardy annual flowering vine that can grow up to five feet tall. Despite its name, it is a low-maintenance option, and its flowers are fragrant, too.

Tropical Garden Edging Ideas


While many people don’t like to spend a lot of time maintaining their garden, there are plenty of low-maintenance edging options available that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Edging can help keep your garden looking neat while maximizing the amount of space you have available, so you can spend more time relaxing in it. And unlike grass, these materials are incredibly low-maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about having to cut them every few months.

For low-maintenance garden edging options, try planting bamboo. It will form a privacy shield that won’t be visible from the outside. Bamboo grows in tight clumps and is easy to maintain. Aside from being attractive, bamboo is low-maintenance.

If you’re worried about the cost, you can try using plastic recycling, or reusable rubber tires. These materials are both flexible and durable and will last for years.

Another low-maintenance option is to plant foliage. Ferns and other low-growing plants will be perfect for edging.

They also provide an edge to the pathway, adding mystery and interest to your garden. And with the proper care, they’ll create an attractive border to your yard. And if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, sedums are a great choice.


Bamboo edging is a natural and eco-friendly way to define your garden. Bamboo edging is 6 inches to one foot high and comes in rolls. You can also buy bamboo edging made from closely set bamboo sections.

Edging is best installed when it is two inches deeper than the surrounding soil. The top of the bamboo barrier should be 2 inches above the ground. To prevent the bamboo rhizomes from growing out of the barrier, cut the stems before they start to grow.

Bamboo edging is also available as a privacy screen. The Chinese Dwarf bamboo is a popular choice for this purpose. This variety is up to 9 feet tall and has light green leaves with dark green stripes.

Once fully grown, the bamboo will reach a height of 50 feet. The Golden Goddess bamboo is another popular option, growing up to ten feet high. It is fast-growing and will form a privacy screen.

Decorative bamboo edging can be planted around a rock garden. Adding foliage and greenery to the area will help balance the colors and textures.

It is also a great plant for a natural fence line. If you are short on space, you can simply plant bamboo in containers. This way, it will grow only in the area you want it to. Bamboo does not need constant attention. It will thrive even with minimal care.

To add instant appeal to your tropical garden, you can also place statues of deities in your garden. These statues should have a serene and non-cartoony expression.

Adding outdoor showers is also an excellent addition. Adding an outdoor shower to your tropical garden will add a practical touch. Bamboo is a practical and attractive choice for edging, as it is both eco-friendly and water-proof.


If you’re unsure of how to make a tropical garden edging, you can use cinder blocks instead of bricks. You can paint them to match your outdoor decor and then lay them side-by-side to make a natural border.

Once installed, you can fill them with potting soil and plant small flowers on top. Before installing these edgings, be sure to trench them into the ground so that grass doesn’t grow up in them.

If you don’t want to use bricks, you can use flat wooden posts as landscape edging. You can stain them before installing them or use a technique known as Shou sugi ban to seal the wood.

Then, simply cut the boards to the same length and stain them to match your outdoor decor. This is a quick and easy tropical garden edging idea that looks beautiful while still retaining the integrity of the garden.

Another option for edging is using a soldier pattern. This involves laying rectangular pavers in a pattern, similar to a military pattern. You can also use several rows of pavers, alternating their color, and securing them at the same point.

A retaining wall is a good option for raised areas as it holds the soil in place and prevents plants from slipping and tripping over each other.

Using large rocks can also make a beautiful tropical garden edging. The big stones are more affordable and require less work to install. You can also use them as a border to separate a walkway or grass area.

The benefits of using large rocks are endless. They add a touch of drama and can be a great addition to a tropical garden. If you want to use large rocks as a tropical garden edging, you can also install a water feature in between.

Stepping stones

Stepping stones can be used to create an aged look in your tropical garden edging ideas. You can use them for edging the front and back of flowerbeds.

Choose plants that tolerate foot traffic, such as Hostas. They are easy to grow and require little maintenance. A nice bonus is that they are rabbit-proof. Just make sure to remove any old ones before they get too big. Then, add mulch to prevent weeds from popping up.

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For a more formal, sophisticated look, you can install a stepping stone path. Plants that evoke a sense of serenity and rejuvenation will be a nice touch. In addition to stepping stones, you can also add a bench or two.

These are practical and make for a great tropical DIY project. If you are handy with tools, you can build stepping stones with natural materials.***

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