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Yardistry Meridian Gazebo – Easy to Assemble

Yardistry Meridian Gazebo – Easy to Assemble – If you’re looking for a stylish, versatile, and easy-to-install gazebo for your backyard, the Yardistry Meridian is a great choice. Made from premium cedar lumber, this gazebo’s design will add to your outdoor living space.

The gazebo’s coffee brown roof will offer protection from rain, snow, and sun, and is completely rust-resistant. It also features precut materials and a natural cedar color, making it an excellent choice.

Simple to install

If you’re looking for a simple-to-install gazebo, you’ve come to the right place. This gazebo comes with all the necessary pieces precut and drilled for quick assembly.

Yardistry products are made from durable cedar that’s finished with a premium water-based stain. You can install it yourself, hire a contractor to finish the job or do it yourself for a very affordable price.

The Meridian Gazebo is an excellent addition to any backyard or patio area. Made of 100% cedar lumber and finished with a natural cedar stain, this wood-framed gazebo complements any outdoor area.

The gazebo also includes illustrated assembly instructions and a helpful installation video to guide you through the process. It can be easily installed on a single-story deck or a two-story deck.

Easy to assemble

The Easy to Assemble Yardistry Meridian Gazebo is the perfect addition to your backyard. This gazebo is easy to assemble and includes instructions to assemble the structure step-by-step.

Whether you are building your own gazebo or bringing one home from a store, Yardistry has you covered. The wood sections are pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly, and the instructions are illustrated to make assembling your gazebo a breeze.

The Yardistry Meridian Gazebo is made of premium cedar lumber that naturally resists rot. Its roof is coffee brown, and the wood is treated with a natural color stain to extend its life.

The Meridian Gazebo is sturdy, insect-resistant, and comes with illustrated installation instructions. Installation instructions include helpful hints and installation videos, so if you’re a DIY-er, you can easily assemble the gazebo in your backyard.

The Easy to Assemble Yardistry Meridian Gazebo includes step-by-step illustrated instructions, helpful hints videos, and a lifetime warranty. It is an excellent choice for any outdoor space and is built to last for years to come.

You will enjoy the classic look of natural cedar with the easy-to-assemble design of this gazebo. Its premium-grade lumber and eco-friendly stain ensure durability and beauty.


The Yardistry Meridian Gazebo is an excellent addition to your outdoor living space. Made of premium cedar lumber, this outdoor structure is built to withstand any weather conditions. It’s coffee brown color gives the gazebo a classic look and provides protection from the elements.

The Gazebo comes with illustrated instructions and helpful hints videos to guide you through the installation process. This gazebo is easy to assemble and comes in a variety of sizes to suit any outdoor space.

The Meridian Gazebo also comes with a 12ft privacy wall, which provides shade, protection from the wind, and privacy from neighbors. Made of 100% FSC Certified Cedar Lumber, this wall is crafted to be both durable and long-lasting.

The Meridian Gazebo includes illustrated instructions and a video featuring helpful hints for installing the Gazebo. Yardistry gazebos are made in the U.S.A. and come with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Easy to maintain

Whether you’re looking for a gazebo for your yard or you’re planning to install one in your yard, this product from Yardistry will fit the bill. The gazebo comes in five easy-to-follow packages. Here’s how to get your own yardistry gazebo installed:

The Meridian Gazebo is easy to install and maintain, with a simple, illustrated installation guide and an aluminum roof. Made with premium exterior-grade cedar and sturdy wood plinths, the Meridian Gazebo has a timeless appearance that will enhance any outdoor setting.

Cedar is a great choice for outdoor furniture, and this gazebo is no exception. Not only is it easy to work with, but it’s also naturally beautiful.


The Meridian Gazebo comes with a pre-cut cedar frame and an aluminum roof. This product features a detailed footing drawing. It is also made of premium Cedar lumber and features crisscross trellis joists.

You will receive illustrated instructions and a video that will show you how to assemble the gazebo. It is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their backyard.

The Meridian Gazebo is a great solution for expanding your outdoor living area. Made of premium cedar lumber, this gazebo is naturally resistant to rot.

The coffee brown cedar finish of the gazebo’s roof provides protection from rain, snow, and rust. This gazebo is easy to assemble, thanks to its pre-cut design. The cedar color makes it look beautiful in any setting and the Meridian Gazebo comes with a lifetime warranty on its materials.

When you are ready to install your gazebo, make sure to prepare your space beforehand. This may require a concrete base or a concrete pour.

Installing your gazebo may be easier if you have carpentry skills. If not, it is easy to hire a professional gazebo installer. Look for reviews online to find a contractor with the best reputation. And don’t forget to read the installation guide carefully before you start.


This pre-drilled yardistry Meridian gazebo is a great way to extend your outdoor living area without the hassle of building it from scratch. Made from premium cedar lumber, the Meridian gazebo’s natural cedar color is both attractive and durable, and the roof is impervious to rust and rot.

Additionally, this gazebo has easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and includes pre-cut materials for quick assembly.

The Meridian Gazebo features a heavy, coffee brown cedar post with an aluminum roof for added durability. Its cedar roof is also protected with an environmentally-friendly natural stain, and the gazebo comes in five packages, making it easy to install in a matter of minutes.

Yardistry stands behind the quality of its products and offers a five-year warranty on the Meridian Gazebo.

Once you’ve chosen a pre-drilled yardistry Meridian gazebo, it’s time to determine the cost and schedule of installation. If you plan on hiring a professional installation company, make sure to plan ahead of time to avoid getting stuck paying extra money for a poorly installed gazebo.

In addition, make a list of the features you want the gazebo to have. Once you’ve made your list, you can go online and compare different models.


If you’d like to create more usable outdoor space, the Meridian 12×20 Gazebo might be the perfect solution for you. Use it as a breakfast nook, a relaxing retreat for intimate picnics, or just to escape from the commotion of the outside world.

It has everything you need to create a comfortable outdoor oasis. It can even double as a workshop or storage shed for your tools.

A Yardistry gazebo’s exterior is finished with stain to ensure maximum protection against weathering and to make the structure last as long as possible.

The exterior surface is made of 100% cedar and is finished with a high-quality water-based stain, making it both durable and long-lasting. Whether it’s an awning, gazebo, or garden structure, the pre-stained finish will make your space look stunning, no matter how you choose to use it.

The pre-stained Meridian Octagon Gazebo is a perfect option for creating an intimate outdoor space.

With 8 sturdy posts and a 36-inch high guardrail, this gazebo will ensure that your family and guests stay safe and protected while they’re spending time outside. In addition to that, the canopy is constructed from premium exterior grade cedar.

The wood is coated with a beautiful coffee brown stain. It also comes with an aluminum roof that needs very little maintenance.

Includes 6×6 inch posts

The Yardistry Meridian 12′ x 20′ Gazebo with Aluminum Roof includes six-by-six-inch posts. These gazebos feature a coffee-brown aluminum roof and come in five packages of five. You can also install the gazebo yourself.

Yardistry offers a one-year warranty against defects. You can contact their Customer Experience Team with questions.

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The Yardistry Meridian Gazebo is built with a coffee brown color Aluminium Roof and heavy corner gussets. This gazebo will make your outdoor space more spacious and comfortable.

Made of 100% Cedar Lumber and finished in a natural cedar stain, this gazebo is sturdy and will last for years to come. Its easy-to-assemble construction allows you to install the Gazebo in a matter of hours without any stress.***

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